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Ear lobe $45


Forward Helix $65

Tragus / Anti-tragus$65

Conch $65

Flat $65

Rook $65

Daith $65

Snug $65

Industrial $80

Eyebrow $65

Nostril $65

Septum $80

Medusa $65


Lip $65

Vertical Lip $65

Snake Bites $120

Nipple $65

Navel $65

Microdermal $120

Genitals $120 - $150

Smiley $65

Tongue $80

Web $65

All Piercings are subject to physical limitations. We will NOT pierce if we are not sure of anatomy or healing.  Despite our best efforts, we can not guarantee healing or results or un-predictable outcomes (hitting a vein in cartilage, bleeding, excessive swelling, poor healing etc)


All pricing is done at the studio, please inquire within. Our artists charge by hourly/day rate. We welcome everyone to come in for a consultation, as they are free and you will get to speak with our professional artists.

Drawings/designs can be done when an appointment is booked with a deposit. We recommend for you to do research regarding the tattoo you want to get, bring your ideas/references when you come in. These ideas/references will help us put things together such as; the amount of work required, placement of the tattoo, approximate size and design flow, and fitting of the design to proportionally fit your body where the tattoo is being placed.




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